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  1. I have dealt with BXO for over 25 years. I have been stretched, cut on and creamed to death. In 2006 I read about the research of Dr. Walter Shelly on BXO. I contacted him prior to his death and got advise as to how to get control. I tried long term antibiotic treatment. IT WORKED!!!!!!!! Leading up to that time, I had NO SEX life as I would crack and bleed after ANY type of sexual activity. It HURT to urinate to the point of crying. Within 4 weeks of beginning the treatment, I had DRASTICALLY improved. I stayed free of any symptoms for over 3 years. I then slowing started seeing them again, so I did a milder follow up. That took me to 2015 where some of my symptoms were returning. In went to another Dr, as the first one who treated me had left the area, and here we go again... Creams, and suggested cutting. When I told him of the previous success, he basically dismissed it as if I only dreamed about it. FINALLY I found an Asian Dr, in 2016 who had an open enough mind to put me back on the previous treatment. And AGAIN..... It has cleared up after only a few weeks. Go visit this web site for Dr' Shelly's information. http://www.cirp.org/library/treatment/BXO/shelley1/ I'm on 2.4mil intramuscular penicillin G bezathine for 3 injections over 3 weeks and also 3 months of amoxicilin/clavulanate potassium. I may need some surgery to remove scarring but not sure yet. IF you cannot find a Dr willing to work with you... FIND ANOTHER DR. I had to educate my current Dr, and he was open minded to learn.
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