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Phimosis and stopiclair


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Hello, finally decide to contribute after lurking for months. I've recently had success with treating my phimotic ring with a product called Atopiclair. its a non steroidal cream that acts like powerful steroid creams but doesn't cause thinning of skin. After using for 2 weeks i able to retract my foreskin almost effortlessly while completely erect. the cream seems to loosen up the tough phimotic skin and adds elasticity back to the skin. this is amazing after months of struggle to retract has allowed me to clean under my foreskin again. i will say though i haven't seen any reduction in white discolored skin yet, but ill report on that if it happens. ill post pics in about a week or so to show you guys my results. atopiclair doesn't require a prescription and goes for 30 bucks on amazon.

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